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Introduction to Program

At Athletic Peak Performance, we believe an athlete is only as multi-dimensional as their training. We use a hybrid training plan utilizing work in the weight room, on the field, and in a class room setting. Our training goals are organized to the right in our Pyramid of Athletic Peak Performance.


Components of both Team and Individual Training Include:

  • Dynamic Warm-up/Cool-down

  • Speed Training Plyometric

  • Training

  • Flexibility

  • Dynamic Balance

  • Agility

  • Core Stabilization Training

  • Sport-Specific Skill Development



Team Programs


Looking for a strength and conditioning coach at your school?

APP coaches will travel to your school and train any team, athlete,

or faculty member that walks into the training facility.



Want a more productive work place? APP can come to your office

weight room providing overall fitness for your employees. Our programs

will help increase productivity throughout the day. We can also provide great team building exercises to help your employees strive for excellence.



For coaches trying to gain a competitive edge, APP can provide out

of season as well as in season training for your team so they can

perform at their top level.

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